I AM ALIVE: How about you?

I’m safe and working from home. I have a lot of updates and will share them soon. I’ll back-date the entries so it looks like I’ve been keeping up with this blog, so screenshot this post if you want to embarrass me in the future!


WRITING: The Fridge

I’ve been focusing a lot on script writing for the last several months and that means I get to brag about my short film making it to the semifinals in Screencraft’s annual short film competition this past Fall.

The Fridge – a superhero’s frustrated girlfriend is determined to exit the narrative on her own terms.

So what’s in store for 2019? More writing, of course. This includes production of a short film I wrote and will star in (Revenge, Inc.), plus feature draft revisions and story development for future work.

PREMIERE: Below the Trees

I’m proud to announce that Below the Trees is not only complete but will be premiering at Ohio’s own Nightmares Film Festival, hosted at Gateway Film Center. It’s the Cannes of Horror, if you will.

This was me in the film, being sneaky in a rural lakehouse:

I call this one “Too Many Witnesses.”

Check it out!


The first shoot for Nellie is wrapped. We shot in the Ohio State Reformatory museum, famous for serving as the title location in the movie The Shawshank Redemption.

I play the title character and had the privilege of working with talented cast and crew, including some special effects make-up artists who added significant poundage to my face.

This is it’s own horror movie.

The one thing that disappoints me is that I didn’t see a single ghost.

Nothing. Not even a stray raccoon.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Below the Trees

That’s a wrap! On me at least. I spent two days in a remote and not at all creepy* part of Ohio, where there was no cell service and I had to wait to show everyone what I was doing on Instagram.

I got to drive this vintage vehicle:

And got some early morning shots of this beautiful lake:

See? Not creepy at all.

*It was the answer to “how rural is too rural?”

CASTING NEWS: Below the Trees

I’ll be working on a short film — intended as a precursor to a feature — called Below the Trees.

Filmmaker Parker Brennon will be shooting his third short next month, in Southern Ohio.

I’ll be playing the supporting role of Erin, who suspects there’s more to her almost-mother-in-law’s strange behavior than meets the eye.

I’m excited to work on this project and get reimbursed for mileage. I might wear one of these shirts:






CASTING NEWS: Blue (2018)

I’ll be working on a feature-length film shooting in Cincinnati in August. It’s called Blue, about a young woman trying to rebuild her life after a failed suicide attempt. The shooting schedule is remarkably aggressive: a full feature shoot in 12 days!

I’m going to play a tremendously unhelpful receptionist at an unemployment office who doesn’t actually care about anyone else’s employment. It’s going to be GREAT.

I managed to get the role even though my audition tape was framed like this:







CREW CALL: Assistant Directed a Feature

I just got back from Los Angeles, where I worked on a lovely feature called Abby and Tabby: Alone in the Desert. This film is so exciting, on so many levels.

First, the talented cast worked off of an outlined script, improvising a lot of their lines. The results are exceptional and of-the-moment.

Second, this film was largely conceived, performed, and crewed up by a female team. Jessica Erin Martin took on multiple roles, as writer, director, producer, and actor (Tabby). Co-star Ashley Lenz (Abby) produced and acted in the film.

My jaw still remains a little bit on the floor at what these women have accomplished and I was very happy to be a part of it — along with many other excellent crew members — and to see a Joshua tree for the first time.