CASTING NEWS: Below the Trees

I’ll be working on a short film — intended as a precursor to a feature — called Below the Trees.

Filmmaker Parker Brennon will be shooting his third short next month, in Southern Ohio.

I’ll be playing the supporting role of Erin, who suspects there’s more to her almost-mother-in-law’s strange behavior than meets the eye.

I’m excited to work on this project and get reimbursed for mileage. I might wear one of these shirts:






CASTING NEWS: Blue (2018)

I’ll be working on a feature-length film shooting in Cincinnati in August. It’s called Blue, about a young woman trying to rebuild her life after a failed suicide attempt. The shooting schedule is remarkably aggressive: a full feature shoot in 12 days!

I’m going to play a tremendously unhelpful receptionist at an unemployment office who doesn’t actually care about anyone else’s employment. It’s going to be GREAT.

I managed to get the role even though my audition tape was framed like this:








Last week, I worked on Celia C. Peters’ short film Mission, as a human woman who briefly piques the interest of an off-planet visitor.


My character is confused about which produce would be cheapest to buy with the healthiest of intentions, then throw away a week later.



I shot a brief appearance in an independent feature film called And Then I Go, currently filming in Louisville, KY this month. I play the School Nurse, asking the troubled young protagonist how I can help him with his constant headaches.

While I’m not able to share any photos from the set right now, here is a picture of The Pink Palace:

It’s a house in Louisville that’s haunted by a helpful spirit named Avery who warns residents of impending danger.

So there you go.


WORK IN PROGRESS: Finding St. Isabel

We’re halfway way there! I’ve been lucky enough to be hard at work the past two weekends, shooting a great short film called Finding St. Isabel.


Emoting so hard…

I play Isabel, a lapsed Catholic woman who lied about seeing the Virgin Mary when she was a child. Her lie meets a series of coincidences that make her a national news sensation. She finally admits her lie and goes on to write a book about her experience. Now a best-selling author, Isabel finds herself the object of unwanted attention from a potential landlord who understands her far better than she is willing to admit…


On location in West Virginia this past weekend.

I am so excited to see and share this finished film. Look out for more news in April 2016!




I recently booked an exciting role in a short film, shooting in mid-Ohio in June/July 2016. I will play Nellie, in the film of the same name.

Award-winning writer Steph Greegor brings her sophomore directorial effort to audiences with her short film thriller, “Nellie.” “Nellie” is the story of a prison janitor, John, who happens upon a horrendous crime on his walk home late one night. In a matter of seconds, John must decide not only his fate, but Nellie’s as well.

Our first shoot was still photography, to promote the film and our funding efforts.


12378027_186970884989129_4389231177266443982_oFollow the film on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


CASTING NEWS: Apartment 304

I’m going to play an FBI agent!

I was recently cast in a short project called Apartment 304. It will shoot in Columbus, Ohio and may evolve into a longer series.

In this action/drama short (and maybe pilot), Chad Leonard is a troubled veteran dealing with ongoing poverty and addiction issues at home plus the outside pressures of his military past, in the form of ME. I play Agent Edwards, Chad’s former handler in a covert government program, and I am calling him back into service.

Apartment 304_Agent EdwardsActor, writer, and producer B’Nard Lewis is collaborating with local veterans’ organizations to improve story authenticity and to promote and help fund the film.