Last week, I worked on Celia C. Peters’ short film Mission, as a human woman who briefly piques the interest of an off-planet visitor.


My character is confused about which produce would be cheapest to buy with the healthiest of intentions, then throw away a week later.



I shot a brief appearance in an independent feature film called And Then I Go, currently filming in Louisville, KY this month. I play the School Nurse, asking the troubled young protagonist how I can help him with his constant headaches.

While I’m not able to share any photos from the set right now, here is a picture of The Pink Palace:

It’s a house in Louisville that’s haunted by a helpful spirit named Avery who warns residents of impending danger.

So there you go.


WRITING NEWS: Made It to the Top Ten!

All the way back in October 2015, I started the first round of a short screenwriting contest via NYC Midnight.

Each round allowed 48 hours to write a 5-page script based on an assigned genre, location, and object that had to be included at some point in the story.

Here’s a sample of my assignment parameters:

Evernote Camera Roll 20151031 000809



Evernote Camera Roll 20160116 000501






The competition wrapped up back in January and results were shared recently. I received a 7th place Honorable Mention, placing me in the top ten out of over 600 writers.

I’m proud of this achievement and now have three different short scripts I hope to produce in and around Columbus, OH over the next year. Which is a whole new level of “insane voluntary undertakings that will shorten my life”.

P.S. If you like just HAVE a bunch of extra cash and want to patronize the arts or something, maybe let me know…


CASTING NEWS: Apartment 304

I’m going to play an FBI agent!

I was recently cast in a short project called Apartment 304. It will shoot in Columbus, Ohio and may evolve into a longer series.

In this action/drama short (and maybe pilot), Chad Leonard is a troubled veteran dealing with ongoing poverty and addiction issues at home plus the outside pressures of his military past, in the form of ME. I play Agent Edwards, Chad’s former handler in a covert government program, and I am calling him back into service.

Apartment 304_Agent EdwardsActor, writer, and producer B’Nard Lewis is collaborating with local veterans’ organizations to improve story authenticity and to promote and help fund the film.