WORK IN PROGRESS: Finding St. Isabel

We’re halfway way there! I’ve been lucky enough to be hard at work the past two weekends, shooting a great short film called Finding St. Isabel.


Emoting so hard…

I play Isabel, a lapsed Catholic woman who lied about seeing the Virgin Mary when she was a child. Her lie meets a series of coincidences that make her a national news sensation. She finally admits her lie and goes on to write a book about her experience. Now a best-selling author, Isabel finds herself the object of unwanted attention from a potential landlord who understands her far better than she is willing to admit…


On location in West Virginia this past weekend.

I am so excited to see and share this finished film. Look out for more news in April 2016!




I recently booked an exciting role in a short film, shooting in mid-Ohio in June/July 2016. I will play Nellie, in the film of the same name.

Award-winning writer Steph Greegor brings her sophomore directorial effort to audiences with her short film thriller, “Nellie.” “Nellie” is the story of a prison janitor, John, who happens upon a horrendous crime on his walk home late one night. In a matter of seconds, John must decide not only his fate, but Nellie’s as well.

Our first shoot was still photography, to promote the film and our funding efforts.


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